A Compilation Of Claims Made By "Poseidon" Of Takeourworldback.Com

Written By michels Ella on Saturday, 7 June 2014 | 12:49

Always quick off the mark to ridicule his critics and enemies by pouring scorn over any claims or allegations they make regardless of whether the claims and allegations might actually true, and always quick off the mark to accept the contrived claims and allegations made by a self-admitted mentally-ill heroin addict and self-confessed ADL informant regardless of whether these spurious claims and allegations might actually be false, we now examine fifty extraordinary and often contradictory claims and allegations that have been made by the incredibly hypocritical, self-important, arrogant, deceitful Judas goat Jew-shill who operates the takeourworldback.com, planetquo.info and fugaziquo.net disinformation outlets, who operates across a spectrum of Internet forums under a multitude of aliases including "Poseidon", "Exposedeceivers", "Zionistexposer", "United Against Zionism", "Stopzionism" and "Quarkbrain", and who makes the extraordinary and implausible claim that the reason why he "must" remain evasive about his location, why he "must" remain anonymous on the Internet, and why he refuses point-blank to reveal any information about himself whatsoever, is because he likes to "keep the Zionists guessing" about him, because of "a promise that he made to "his family", and because he wishes to "operate from lands oppressed by holocaust laws". Although "Poseidon" claims to be based in "England", England, however, is not (yet) one of the lands where "holocaust laws" are in force. France most certainly is though.

And even if we are to believe that every single claim ever made by Brendon O'Connell is false, as "Poseidon" would like us to, the Judas goat Jew-shill would still not be in any position to attempt to capture the higher moral ground given the amount of specious claims that he himself has made and continues to make.

Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus, eh "Poseidon"?
"Poseidon" of takeourworldback.com claims that:

1. I am a "Zionist" "shill" in receipt of "Zionist shekels", and that this website is a "paid Zionist disinformation operation".

2. I get "a major cut" of the "proceeds from the donations" that Brendon O'Connell occasionally receives from supporters.

3. I am "reliant" upon "welfare" and that I "live off benefits".

4. I did not run an electrical contracting business.

5. How I now make a living after having retired from my electrical contracting business in 2004 is "explained" by the "payments" I "receive" from a "Jewish" man who is my "paymaster".

6. My "Jewish" "paymaster" is also my "handler".

7. My friend, associate and collaborator, Michael Stewart is a "Zionist shill" and my "direct handler".

8. My friend, associate and collaborator, 'Quasimodo' is a "Zionist shill", my "handler" and a "possible" "CIA agent".

9. My friend, associate and collaborator, ''Quasimodo' is a "known" "Zionist shill" who also "handles" Brendon O'Connell "in partnership" with Michael Stewart.

10. Eric Hufschmid is my "mentor and controller" as well as my "immediate superior" and "handler".

11. Eric Hufschmid operates a "helpers department" staffed exclusively by myself, Michael Stewart, 'Quasimodo', and Brendon O'Connell.

12. Eric Hufschmid ran a "sub-team" of "agents", who through of "a lack of grey matter" and excessive cannabis consumption, "had been duped" and "sucked into" Hufschmid's "little cult", with Michael Stewart being a "suspected Zionist shill", who was "assigned" the "job" of "producing" Hufschmid's "disinformation" "DVDs and CDs"

13. Brendon O'Connell is a "known Zionist shill".

14. Brendon O'Connell is Rupert Murdoch's "Zionist agent", who "tries to sabotage the "anti-Zionist" movement."

15. Brendon O'Connell is a "police agent-provocateur".

16. I am a "police grass"/"police informant".

17. Brendon O'Connell is a "Mossad operative", who travels around Australia at the Mossad's expense.

18. Brendon O'Connell and James "Crimes of Zion/Infensus Mentis" Linton might both be "Zionist shills" who work together, with one of them training the other in disinformation techniques.

19. Brendon O'Connell and James "Crimes of Zion/Infensus Mentis" Linton might be "separate Zionist agents" who "operate out of" the same "safehouse" with two landlines installed and two different ISPs, and who "collaborate" whilst "several miles apart."

20. The Department of Homeland Security might have "bought a house in Australia and registered it in the name of their James "Crimes of Zion/Infensus Mentis" Linton", who "could be" resident in America while "directing a team of shills down under".

21. The self-admitted drug-dealers, James "Crimes of Zion/Infensus Mentis" and Nina "A Possum Princess" Pedersen - two close friends of "Poseidon" - are "normal people".

22. I do not live in Sheffield, but that I live in a house in Doncaster worth three and-a-half hundred thousand pounds that is owned by my "brother", and that my "sister" also lives in this house in Doncaster.

23. I have "refused" to "reveal myself" on the electoral register for Sheffield.

24. Two websites I once ran had been "controlled" "all along" by "Jewish interests".

25. Daryl Bradford Smith is a "pedophile".

26. Daryl Bradford Smith is a "Zionist agent", who is "controlled by" the CIA and the Mossad, and "not worth listening to".

27. Daryl Bradford Smith was working in tandem with the Mossad to "poison Eustace Mullins".

28. Daryl Bradford Smith is a "proven liar" and "disinformation agent".

29. Daryl Bradford Smith, along with Eric Hufschmid and Christopher Bollyn is an "intelligence operative".

30. Anyone visiting Daryl Bradford Smith's website could be "rounded-up as terrorists and incarcerated in an interment camp" if they do not anonymise their IP address.

31. "One of" Daryl Bradford Smith's "jobs" is to "protect" George W. Bush from impeachment.

32. So "copious" are the "reams and reams" of "evidence" of Daryl Bradford Smith being a "Zionist agent" that these "reams and reams" of "evidence" could be sub-divided into "many, many subsets".

33. Daryl Bradford Smith is the person who posts on wakeupfromyourslumber.com under the pseudonym of "Fester".

34. There exists two Daryl Bradford Smiths, one of whom is "based in California", the other "an agent", who is "based in France" and whose function it is "to handle emails".

35. One of the two Daryl Bradford Smiths is to be "exploited" by "the Zionists" and used as a "casus belli" for an invasion of Iran.

36. "Poseidon" never blurs the distinction between Jews and Zionists, and that he "always" aims to describe the bad guys as "Zionists" rather than J-E-W-S.

37. Paula Zahn and CNN promoted takeourworldback.com because they "wanted to cite some examples of websites that exposed how J-E-W-S were behind 9/11".

38. Christopher Bollyn "posed" as a "belligerent, paranoid nutjob" and an "anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist" so that Paula Zahn, CNN, and the ADL could later discredit him.

39. Christopher Bollyn is a "Zionist agent" and "agent-saboteur".

40. Robert "Arab Suicide-Hijackers Did 9-11" Fisk is a "better source of information" than Christopher Bollyn.

41. Alex "Israel Could Not Have Carried Out These Attacks"/"Arabs Own Hollywood" Jones "could be given the benefit of the doubt", and that Jones is "doing good" rather than harm.

42. Charlie Sheen and and Rosie O'Donnell "must" be "commended" for "sticking their necks out and refusing to cover for the insanely evil perpetrators of 9/11" (even though neither has ever mentioned the fact that Israel carried-out the attacks).

43. Brendon O'Connell is the person who posts on the NOLAJBS forum under the pseudonym of "Poggy", and on the "Argue With Everybody" forum under the pseudonym of "David Henry".

44. "Poseidon" possesses the extraordinary ability whereby he can make assessments as to the state of people's mental health via the Internet despite him having never met these people in real-life, spoken to them, or having interacted with them in any way, and despite him never having received any professional training, or having ever worked in the field of mental health.

45. Christopher Bollyn is a "paranoid nutcase"

46. Daryl Bradford Smith is "a nut".

47. Daryl Bradford Smith is a "delusional psychotic".

48. "Poseidon" was "wrong" about Daryl Bradford Smith, and that the "evidence" against him was weak.

49. "Poseidon" does not operate as part of a team.

50. "Poseidon" can simultaneously be two different ages.
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